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Silkstone Primary School

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The role of the governing body is strategic not operational.  This means that it is responsible for the school’s strategic direction, for developing and monitoring the strategic priorities and for challenging and supporting, in equal measure, the headteacher.  At the same time, the headteacher is responsible for the day to day operations of the school. 

There are eight elements of an effective governing body:

  • The right people around the table

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities

  • Good chairing

  • Professional clerking

  • Good relationships based on trust

  • Knowing the school – the data, the children, the parents, the staff and the community

  • Committed to asking challenging questions

  • Confidence to have courageous conversations in the interest of the children and young people.

Our school leadership team and governing body have a shared understanding and commitment to these elements and their respective roles, and are committed to drive towards truly outstanding educational provision for our children.

The constitutions of Governing bodies of all community schools reflect that they should be of a minimum size to include all the skills necessary to carry out their functions effectively. Our governing body comprises

  • two parent governors

  • one local authority governor

  • one staff governor

  • one headteacher

  • up to seven co-opted governors who will be appointed based on their skills and experience to help the governing body effectively fulfill its duties

Current members of the governing body and its committees, together with their roles and responsibilities, including as link governors for the school’s strategic priorities are shown below.  The register of governors’ interests is also attached