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Adverse Weather

Winter weather is fast approaching and hopefully we will all have easy and safe journeys through the bad weather.  We will endeavour to open the school every day to make sure that children and their learning come first.  However, if the School’s Leadership Team feels that the weather would put children and adults at risk, we will take appropriate steps to minimise this.

The steps taken may include:

  • Opening school as normal whilst delaying registration;
  • Closing the school when it is not safe to open.

We take a number of factors into consideration when making any decision relating to school opening/closure including:

  • Current weather conditions
  • Forecast conditions up to school closing times
  • Availability of staff
  • Availability of key non-teaching staff (premises and catering)
  • Possibility of injury

There are 4 ways you can find out about our decision if we decide to close:

  1. We will send a text so please make sure we have your most up to date number, (sometimes when the service is busy it can take a while for the messages to be delivered to your  phone)
  2. Updates will be posted on the school website
  3. Listen to Dearne FM 102 and 97.1 or check their website on
  4. Via information on the Barnsley website


If it does snow but we feel that it is still safe to be open, please send your child(ren) in suitable clothing so that they can make the most of the weather and go outside to play during the day.