Silkstone Primary School, High Street, Silkstone, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 4LR

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Silkstone Primary School

A School with Soul


At Silkstone Primary we are committed to promoting mental health and wellbeing. We want our children to be able to recognise and name their emotions, to know what constitutes a healthy relationship and to have effective strategies to navigate challenges that they may face as they grow.  We have achieved the Leeds Carnegie Schools Mental Health Award.  Mental health is covered in our PSHE lessons and assemblies and is a key driver underpinning our curriculum.  Children have lots of opportunities to express themselves through art, dance and music.  We have developed a garden where children can spend their playtimes quietly if they choose.  We have a Wellbeing room that we use for 1:1 support and our Wellbeing Clinic.  This is run by our trained pupil Wellbeing Warriors.   In each classroom there is a Worry Monster where children can post any concerns that they have and these are addressed by Mrs Ellis, our Mental Health Champion, or by the Wellbeing Warriors.  Each class has designed their own behaviour and reward system and created ten class rewards to work towards.  Additional, external support is provided for children as required.    

Pupil Offers for Wellbeing

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Staff Wellbeing Charter

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