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We want to instil a thirst for knowledge about the world today and in the past. To have  an understanding of Britain, the wider world, and the social, political and economic forces that have shaped it.  To develop their knowledge of how key events, societies and ideas have influenced the past and the impact on our lives today.  To appreciate the importance and power of significant individuals on instigating change and an understanding of contrasting interpretations of the past.


 Lessons have a clear learning outcome, explicit teaching of knowledge and skills and opportunities to develop and apply learning in a range of contexts.  The delivery of our history curriculum will provide opportunities for pupils to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, use historical vocabulary and develop perspective and judgement as they build an overview of British and world history.  Learning is sequenced to enable children to make links and deepen their understanding as they investigate and interpret the past.  We will provide opportunities for children to engage in history through visits, the use of high quality resources and visitors to school. By making links between the past and the present, children develop an awareness of the relevance of history on their lives. Formative assessment is ongoing throughout each and every lesson. It judges progress and enables teachers to make flexible adaptions to their planned teaching. Through this regular ongoing assessment, tasks are matched to the ability of each child through differentiated activities and adult support which enables a level of challenge that is stimulating for children and develops their questioning skills. We use summative assessment to assess foundation subjects and identify any gaps or misconceptions to be addressed or passed onto the following teachers. This is used to show clear coverage and progression.


 Our pupils will have an understanding of the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identify and the challenges of their time. Our pupils will have hope for the future.


Class Coverage

Class One


  • Changes within living memory - Toys

  • Events beyond living memory – Silkstone in the past

  • Lives of significant individuals – Guy Fawkes


Class Two


  • Changes within living memory – Seaside – Grace Darling

  • Events beyond living memory - Castles

  • Lives of significant individuals – Race to the Pole – Scott and Amundsen

  • Significant historical events – Great Fire of London - Samuel Pepys

  • Significant individuals = Mary Seacole



Class Three


  • Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

  • Achievements of the earliest civilisations – Ancient Egypt


Class Four


  • The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

  • Britain’s Settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots

  • The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England


Class Five


  • Local history study – coalmining in Victorian times. Huskar pit.

          Lord Shaftesbury, Dr Barndado

  • A study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066. Role of Women. Emily Pankhurst.


Class Six


  • Ancient Greece

  • Non – European society – The Mayans



Whole school

Black History Month October

National and Local events


Pupils also learn about significant individuals through assemblies and focus weeks.