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Silkstone Primary School

A School with Soul

Curriculum Statement

Our Curriculum


 At Silkstone Primary School our vision is to nurture happy, confident individuals with a love for learning and for life. To build a school community where everyone cares for and respects themselves, each other and the wider world.  Our curriculum is planned to achieve our vision, to develop children’s confidence, ignite their curiosity and build a strong and broad foundation of knowledge and skills to support their transition to high school and beyond.  We want them to be critical thinkers, to question and to care as they develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive in our complex world.

Our curriculum is underpinned by three key drivers

  • Culture and diversity – an understanding of the world that we live in
  • Social responsibility – to be active citizens
  • Health – to be physically and mentally healthy


 We want children to take responsibility for their learning and have the self-belief and resourcefulness to relish a challenge.  We expect children to work hard and try their best. To demonstrate resilience in knowing that with effort they will achieve their goals. Children will take risks with their learning if they feel confident to do so.  Our learning environment ensures that all children feel safe and supported as individuals, whose views are expressed and listened to. 

Across the curriculum high quality teaching builds on previous learning, with an explicit learning intention. Teacher modelling, opportunities for collaboration as well as independent work, scaffold, challenge, enthuse and support learners.  Effective assessment and precise feedback address any misconceptions, and support children to reflect and improve on their learning.  

Our curriculum is enquiry based with opportunities for debate and discussion to enable children to develop their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We want children to have a global view of the world and celebrate our diverse planet.  The topics studied are chosen to inspire and enthuse children to become responsible citizens who respect and support each other and the world they inhabit.

Where it works well we have a thematic approach; linking subjects together to broaden children’s understanding.  We want all children to develop a life-long love of reading.  Across the curriculum we use quality texts to extend children’s vocabulary, ignite their imagination, develop their literacy skills and knowledge of the world. 

 Our commitment to a strong arts education underpins learning across the curriculum.  Art, music, dance and drama are used to extend children’s learning in all subjects. 

We want all children to feel valued and cared for, to develop compassion and kindness for others and have a sense of social responsibility, therefore weaving through our curriculum is a strong commitment to wellbeing.

 Our curriculum is enriched through a wide variety of educational visits e.g. Chester Zoo, Cresswell Crags, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and York.  Further enrichment is provided through sports coaches, artists and visitors to school e.g.  artist Julia Ogden, Opera North and Yorkshire Cricket.  Children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument every year from Year 2 to Year 6 and to participate in a number of sporting clubs and competitions.  A range of afterschool clubs widen their experience further.  Focus weeks are held throughout the year, linked to our key drivers or national events e.g. BBC Ten Pieces, Black History Month, Science week.  Children have opportunities on the School Council, Eco Team, Wellbeing Warriors, Librarians, Outdoor Assistants and Lunchtime helpers to contribute to school improvement.

 As a maintained school we follow the National Curriculum. The EYFS curriculum is planned around the areas of learning in early years and works towards the requirements of the Early Learning Goals, whilst also recognising the demands of the National Curriculum 2014 as part of the transition from EYFS into KS1. We follow the Barnsley locally agreed syllabus for religious education.  We comply with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Education Needs and Disability regulations 2014 to ensure that our curriculum is accessible for all learners.


 The impact of our curriculum is that children leave Silkstone Primary School as confident, caring individuals with a solid understanding of themselves and the world around them;  well equipped for the next stage of their education.