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Welcome to Class Four 

 Welcome to Year 4’s page.

Class 4 will be taught by Mrs Dolan, with Miss Turner and Mrs Hobson. 

In class 4 we have a jewel jar and we can collect jewels when we are working well together as a table team and class team. Once we get 100 jewels we will get a class treat! The children can also earn star tickets tickets for individual effort and super listening. Each Friday 2 names will be drawn from the box and a little reward given.

We ask that the reading record is handed in on a Thursday so that we can see how reading is going at home. We truly believe that being able to read opens our mind up to new ideas, creative imaginations and the learning of new vocabulary. Reading with and to children is still so important and so where you can find time or opportunity to do this it will really benefit your child.

Spellings will be given on a Friday ready to be tested the following Friday. Please help your child to learn them and you could even challenge yourself! The spellings will be sent home with a little update on what we have been doing each week so that you can chat to your child about their learning.

Each Friday we will take part in our times table champion challenge. To become a times-table champion, the children will need to work through their times-tables (up to the 12 times-table), passing the required time for each set. They will then move onto the Hot 132! There are two of these! In this test, they will have to answer all 132 multiplication and division facts, comprising facts from all the times-tables. Once you have completed the hot 132 your child will have opportunity to extend their rapid recall to higher number such as 14 x, 15 x, 16x, 17x and the inverse. Your child will be challenged to complete this in less than 7 min and 30sec to become the ultimate times table champion! Your child will bring home their test with a score and time on so you can see how well they are achieving.

PE is on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon so please make sure your child comes to school in their PE kit on those days.

We are happy to meet with any parent if you have any concerns or queries and can often be found on the door before or after school.


Design and Technology

Class 4 have explored how to design and build their own vehicles. They have used trial and error really well and have built resilience as they learn from their mistakes. Hands on learning! They are all looking forward to racing them to see which moves the fastest.

Summer Term Curriculum Map

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Clay Monsters

Class 4 have really enjoyed building their own monsters using clay this afternoon. They have worked really hard to make them look terrifying!

Mono Prints

Class 4 explored mono-printing this afternoon. They produced some lovely pieces of art and learnt how to improve their work after each print. 

Curriculum Map Spring 2022

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Class 4 absolutely loved making their scone-based pizzas this afternoon. The children measured their flour accurately and used the rubbing in method to mix the butter into the flour. They used their own judgments to decide how much milk was needed, then rolled the dough into a ball. Once their base was pressed down, they sliced their ingredients- taking great care to use the bridge hold. It has been wonderful to see the children trying new foods and enjoying cooking this half term. Well done class 4!

Design and Technology

Year 4 really enjoyed their pizza tasting today. They sampled a variety of pizzas and carefully evaluated the appearance, smell, flavour and texture of each one.

Ten Pieces

In our music and art focus week, Year 4 have absolutely loved using their marbling inks to create their own landscapes of Mars. This has inspired their own creative drawings of Marsians who will be living in the foreground of their artwork! 

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Spooky Costumes

We enjoyed dressing up in our spooky costumes on the last day of this half term.

Murton Park Roman Day

We had a fantastic time spending the day as Roman Centurions at Murton Park near York.  We learnt how to defend the Fort, work together as a fighting unit and what life was like by making clay lamps, bread and farming.

Red Cross Run

We had a fantastic time running a mile for the Red Cross to raise money to support refugees.