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Modern Foreign Languages


At Silkstone Primary, we want to instil a passion for languages where children are able to read and write the French language with developing fluency. We want our pupils to confidently express themselves with good pronunciation and intonation and to use French creatively and spontaneously. To develop independence in their studies and the ability to draw upon a wide range of sources. Children will develop an awareness of the French culture and of the countries where French is spoken.


Our MFL lessons are delivered by a primary languages specialist teacher, Vikkie Bruff, to all children in KS2.  The delivery of our MFL curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to learn about the French culture and about the countries where French is spoken. Learning is sequenced to enable children to develop and express their ideas and thoughts in French and to understand and respond to French speakers, both in speech and writing.  Lessons have a clear learning outcome, explicit teaching of knowledge and skills and opportunities to develop and apply learning.  Children are expected to be reflective and evaluate their own understanding of new vocabulary, thinking about how they can practise and use the appropriate vocabulary they are acquiring. We can provide opportunities for children to engage in French through:

  • integrating the French language into our practical everyday language such as: answering the register or giving simple commands in the classroom;
  • displaying French prompts in classrooms for children to refer to;
  • celebrating success through displaying children’s work;
  • using and embedding French vocabulary through singing songs.


Our pupils will be able to express themselves confidently and imaginatively in French and have a greater understanding of French culture and of France as a country. They will have the tools to develop and express themselves in French to others.  They will have a solid foundation in French to build on when they move to Secondary School. 


French Curriculum

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