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Silkstone Primary School

A School with Soul

Personal, Social, Health and Economic education


 Our intent is for all pupils to have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe and healthy.  To have an understanding of healthy relationships and to be able to manage their own feelings and have strategies to cope in different situations.  For all children to have an appreciation of their place in the wider world, to celebrate diversity and show respect for others. The overarching concepts developed through PSHE education include; identity, relationships, healthy lifestyles, risk, safety,  diversity, equality, rights, responsibilities, consent, change, resilience, power and careers.


 As a school our drivers of physical and mental health, citizenship and culture and diversity underpin our curriculum.  Our values and ethos promote PSHE education throughout the school.  All children have a PSHE lesson every week. This includes Circle Time activities giving children an opportunity to explore issues, share their views and listen to and respect the views of others.  Lessons have a clear learning outcome, explicit teaching of knowledge and skills and opportunities to develop and apply learning. Learning is sequenced to enable children to build on their knowledge and make links with their learning. We are members of the PSHE Association and use the PSHE toolkit and SEAL to underpin our lesson planning as well as resources from the NSPCC and the 1decision.  PSHE education is consolidated through assemblies, visitors into school, community action, volunteering opportunities and enterprise activities. We have achieved the Schools Mental Health Award with Leeds Carnegie University.  PSHE education includes British values and teaching incorporates current affairs.


 All children to feel confident in themselves and to know how to keep themselves safe and healthy.  All children to be able to express their views and respect the views of others.  To have an understanding of their place in the world and a sense of social responsibility.


Curriculum Overview



Healthy Lifestyles

Keeping Safe

Growing and Changing

Healthy Relationships

Feelings and Emotions

Valuing difference

Living in the Wider World

Rights and Responsibilities

Classes One and Two


Keeping safe in school and home (medicines, electricity, water)

Healthy eating, physical activity, diet, sleep.


How to recognise emotions.

Strategies for resolving conflict.


Teasing, bullying

Physical contact

Mental health


Rights and responsibilities

Similarities and commonalities

Taking care of the environment

Classes Three and Four


Fire, Road, Rail, Water Safety.

How to respond in an emergency

Online safety

Physical health

Hazards and risk




Conflicting emotions

Influence and peer pressure


Privacy, sharing, personal space

Opinions, respect, disputes, conflict

Mental Health

Bullying, discrimination

Human rights

Points of view


Recognising risk

Money – spending, saving

Classes Five and Six


Online safety – share aware.

Phone safety

How to recognise risk

How to seek help

Emergency aid

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine

Personal hygiene


Healthy lifestyles


Change, loss separation

Acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

Physical contact

Dares, challenges

Confidentiality, secrets, personal safety, privacy

Mental Health

Human rights

Discussion, debate of topical issues

Diversity, identity

Social media

Anti social behaviour


Money – budgeting

Environment, sustainability

Whole School

Fire practise

Playground leaders

Cycling proficiency

Crucial Crew (year 6)






Mental Health Ambassadors

Worry Monsters

Classroom behaviour systems

Barnados LGBTQ+


Climate Change Day

Stephen Lawrence Day

Enterprise Week

School Council

Eco Team


Black history month